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Do you have a question? Don't worry, we are here to serve you and answer all your questions. Check out our FAQ section for the information our customers usually need, but if you don't find what you're looking for here then don't hesitate to contact us.

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How does the wireless service work?

Intelyx service is a microwave line-of-sight service designed for the delivery of high-speed data & voice. We are not a WiFi service, though we are compatible with standard WiFi routers. We install a radio at your location and point that to a tower site which has the best coverage in your area.

How do I check my invoices?

To check your invoices, go to Customer Portal from the top right of www.intelyx.us . Enter your user number and password, then go to the left menu and click on Invoices. There you can see the start to end date for your invoice.

 What is meant by unlimited bandwidth?

Nowdays cellular providers and cable providers are imposing data caps or data limits and imposing charges for additional data. In Intelyx we offer unlimited data plans, so you can essentially stream all you want.

How fast is a Intelyx Internet Connection?

Our connections are designed to be faster at downloading than uploading, like most broadband connections. This ratio of upload/download speed is configured to best match the applications of the Internet: web browsing, email, instant messaging, music and video downloading, gaming, etc. All speeds are quoted in megabit per seconds rates (Mbps) and the downloading speed is always larger than the uploading speed. Intelyx internet service can be purchased in varying speeds from 20Mbps/5Mbps up to 200Mbps/10Mbps.

Does your high speed Internet support online gaming?

Yes. Our high-speed internet supports online gaming, you can do it with a 20 Mbps connection, but if you want a more seamless experience then we recommend at least a 50 Mbps Intelyx connection.

What do I need to set up an Internet Service?

To set up your service you won't need any kind of document, yes, that easy!

Can I change plans at any time?

Any Intelyx customer can upgrade to a larger plan at any time, with no extension of contract. Reducing a plan may incur a charge.

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If you still don't have answers to your questions, ask us directly! You can click on the contact option or if you are ready to start browsing at high speed you can leave us your information and we will call you! That easy.

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